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I hate expectations...

I hate expectations... When I was in 9th grade, I kept a diary... This used to be my old notebook... Then I dreamed of living in Moscow... I wrote in my diary about how I hated expectations... I had to wait 3 years...Now, I'm living here and I have new dreams... I have to wait again... One week... Damn time

@музыка: Mt Eden Dubstep – Sierra Leone; Sub Focus – Last Jungle; Blackmill – Miracle


You choise

Every day we have a choice and it does not matter what you choose. True choice doesn't exist. Every is choce right and wrong... You can't make right choices... I parted with my boyfriend the other day and I thought "did I make the right choice?" Maybe i can't be happy without him "... I realized something today... Every man has a specific limit of happiness... And now i'm very happy... I'm rejoicing at every new day and every moment

@музыка: Muse – Sing For Absolution



At night i talk with you... I tell you how live is beautiful and try explain, that you live with close eyes... You stand up in the morning and don't see fab sun rise... You go to work and don't see the fluffy snow... You are blind! Open your eyes and start living!!

@музыка: Limp Bizkit – Behind Blue Eyes